Types of Fridges and Their Prices – (2022)

Minifridgefreezer is a blogging website that reviews refrigerators, as we know it’s an essential product for the home & without it, we didn’t aspect everyday life. But it’s not only used in the house, but it is also valuable for hostels, restaurants, offices, hotels, trains, cars, ice cream parlours. There are also different types of fridges and their prices available in India. Fridges that single doors, double doors, multi doors, french doors, side by side refrigerators, deep freezers, mini-fridges, etc; are used for various purposes.

But here we discuss four majorly refrigerators and their uses. Let’s discuss this fridges & freezers one by one.

Types of fridges and their prices

List of different types of refrigerators:

  • Single door refrigerators
  • Mini refrigerators
  • Double door refrigerators
  • Multi door refrigerators

1. Single door refrigerators:

Single door fridges are commonly used in India for their attractive design & affordable prices. These fridges are comfortable and adjust anywhere in your kitchen—the refrigerator’s capacity of 100 to 200 litres is enough for a 3 to 4 people family.

Want to keep your foods & beverages fresh for a long time? That this single door refrigerator is for your home. The energy efficiency of the fridge is excellent which reduces the electricity bills. Less area is required to stand the single door refrigerator.

2. Mini refrigerators:

Nowadays people are searching for the product that they keep with them & enjoy the chilled water while travelling. Now mini fridges come into the picture, and several types of mini refrigerators fulfill the need of users as per their requirements. Generally, here we talk about the smaller mini fridges & larger mini fridges.

Smaller mini fridges:

This type of mini refrigerator is used both the season summer & winter because of its dual function technology. Smaller fridges have AC & DC chords for cars & home use. Tropicool mini fridges are very comfortable at the time of travelling.

In summer, while travelling for a tour with family, the cause of dehydration occurs so we need the chilled water but as we know that don’t get cold water anytime or any place. Now the smaller mini-fridges come into the picture. In winter, we need hot or warm water because the outside wind feels you cool at that time; the warm water keeps your body temperature.

Smaller mini fridges are used to store make up items, chips, milk, beverages. This type of mini refrigerator price 5000 to 7000 rupees.

The well-known brands that provide smaller car mini-fridges.

  • Tropicool
  • Astro ai
  • Cooluli

The capacity of these fridges is less than the larger mini refrigerators.

Larger mini fridges:

Larger mini refrigerators are used at hotels, restaurants, and offices; it has larger space than smaller ones. These refrigerators are pretty similar to standard fridges. These mini refrigerators are not used for outside vacations because of their heavy weight.

The capacity of these mini refrigerators is more than 50 litres. The brands that are famous for their larger mini fridges are as follows:

  • Godrej
  • Amazon basics
  • Haier
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool
  • LG

This refrigerator price starts from 7000 to 10000 rupees or more. So check the refrigerator while buying. Refrigerators are good enough and have a great capacity to fulfill a small family’s needs. The prices we mention are estimated; the cost differs when the product is updated.

3. Double door refrigerator:

Larger spaces are required to place this refrigerator, and it is specially made for a big family or more than 5-6 people. All the double door fridges used frost-free technology that doesn’t build the ice inside. The prices of refrigerators are variant with the latest design & technology used. But generally, the prices start from 20,000 or more than that.

Want to store more items & keep your food fresh for a more extended period & no problem, with the electricity bills. It uses more energy than single door fridges.

4. Multi door refrigerator:

The benefits of having multi door refrigerators are you can easily organize food items. This type of refrigerator has larger space than the double door, and the prices are slightly high. The power consumption may be more because every compartment has its cooling system.

The brands that provide multi-door refrigerators are as follows:

  • Samsung
  • Amazon basics
  • Hisense
  • Whirlpool

The capacity of this refrigerator is between 300 to 500 litres or more. A silent operation refrigerator creates less noise even if you can rest beside these refrigerators peacefully.


Here we mention the list & different types of refrigerators that refer primarily to India. Check the refrigerators & pick the right one as per your need. Please check the prices first while buying one of these refrigerators because the refrigerator price varies with the new technology.

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