5 Best mini fridges with freezer review

If you are planning to buy a mini-fridge. We list mini-fridges with freezer reviews to guide you. Now people are more into small things which can fulfil their expectations. The same applies to electronic products. A refrigerator is an important product of every household. It serves fresh things by storing the stuff for the family. But for a single person and a very small family, it might not be a good choice.

Here comes the mini-fridge in the picture. It is a compact fridge that occupies very little space as compared to the standard one. Well, the small size does not compromise quality. It’s providing the same cooling effect as that of the standard one.

Here we will cover everything related to the mini-refrigerator. So if you are planning to buy a mini-fridge this article could be helpful for you. You will know and everything.

Want to know more about mini-fridge.

What is a mini-fridge?

Mini-refrigerator is small and compact which fulfil the need for a fridge. It comes with all the basic features as that of a standard fridge. For a single person and a small family, it is a good choice. Due to its small size, this product is easily fit at any place. For travelling freaks also this product is good.

The typical size of these mini-refrigerators is about 1.5CFT to 4.5 CFT. They are about 5.5 cu which is quite compact and small. So easily they can be fitted or carried at any place.   

Benefits of a mini-fridge:

  • Do not occupy much space
  • Due to a handy feature, it can be carried at any place
  • It does not consume much energy
  • Easy to maintain because it comes with simple operation
  • Very simple to clean
  • It is good to store vegetables, food, and drinks
  • It is easily fit in the small space
  • Most of the mini-refrigerators do not require installation.
  • These products are easily fitted in the car so while traveling there is no problem
  • Come with some smart features

Use of mini-refrigerator:

Mini-refrigerator is mainly used in hotels, guest houses, hostels, and offices. For any single person or small family, this mini-refrigerator is a good choice.

Additionally, these are portable. So you can carry it anywhere. It easily fits in the car or minibus.

Famous companies which come in the leading manufacturer.

  • Whirlpool
  • Haier
  • Black & Decker
  • LG
  • Mitashi
  • Godrej
  • Tropicool
  • Intex
  • Koryo

In addition to this, the mini-refrigerators are also available from the top companies like Godrej, Kroyo, Kirchoff, etc.

Checklist of products:

Haier Refrigerator/FreezerView price
Black Decker Single Door Mini Fridges with FreezerView price
LG 45 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerators View price
Hisense 93 L Single Door Mini Refrigerator-Direct-CoolView price
AmazonBasics 43 L Mini Refrigerator-Single Door View price
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Top 5 mini fridges with freezer:

1. Haier Refrigerator/Freezer:

If there is the availability of space in your home then this mini-fridge can be your good choice. It comes out with adjustable shelves. The freezer is on the topmost shelf. This freezer is having enough space to keep your ice cream and other delights.

Haier mini fridges with Freezer
Haier Mini Refrigerator/Freezer
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Key Features:

Size4 cubic feet
Shelves3 glass racks
Weight53 pounds
Size33x21x19 inches
Voltage120 Volt
Material typeStainless steel


  • Good design
  • The cooling effect is also good
  • It is robust
  • Capacity is also up to the mark


  • No light inside the refrigerator

Warranty: The warranty is available for 1 year on the parts and labour as well.

2. Black Decker Single Door Mini Fridges with Freezer:

This mini-fridge of Black Decker has a single door with glossy finishing. It is compact with 2.5 cubic feet. It comes with an ultra-quiet feature for those who don’t like noise. The low sound operation is 45dB. So one can place it in the baby room or any other place where noise is not required. It also includes an ice tray.

Additionally, there is adjustable temperature control (the lowest setting is 32 degrees Fahrenheit). This comes with a 1 year of warranty for the labour and parts. The other one is the compressor part with 2 years.     

Black Decker Single Door Mini Fridges with Freeze
Black Decker Single Door Mini Fridges with Freezer
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Key Features:

Size TypeCompact
Dimension17.5”x 18.5”x 26.6”
Door storage capacity2 litre
Capacity2 removable glass shelves
Freezer12.8 inches wide x 4.3 inches tall


  • Low noise operation
  • Shining look
  • Good design
  • Adjustable levelling legs
  • Temperature adjustment control


  • No automatic defrost

Warranty: 2 years on the compressor and 1 year on the parts.

3. LG Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerators:

This small mini-fridge is from the LG brand with a metallic finish type. The capacity of the fridge is 45 Litre which is mostly suitable for bachelors. It carries special features like a door lock control option, ice tray, powerful cooling and steel material. it is very cheap mini fridge in LG brand.

 LG 45 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerators
LG Refrigerator for home
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Key Features:

Capacity45 Litres
Shelf typeGlass
Door materialStainless steel
Weight17 kg
Size45 x 44.3 x 50.1 cm
Voltage120 Volt
Material typeStainless steel


  • Good capacity
  • No installation required
  • Door lock
  • Steel material that gives robust design 


  • Not energy efficient 

Warranty:  5 years on the compressor and 1 year on the product. 

4. Hisense 93 L 1 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Mini Refrigerator:

This product is having a range Dimension from 44.6 x 47.5 x 84.2 CM. It is a good option for homes and offices as well. It comes with an adjustable thermostat. There is a stainless steel door with a silver cabinet. There is a tall bottle rack.

Sunpentown Compact Refrigerators 2
Sunpentown Compact Refrigerators
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Key Features:

Size44.6 x 47.5 x 84.2 CM
LegsFront levelling
Voltage 220 Volts
Door materialStainless steel
Material steelPlastic
Weight20 kg 500g
Star Energy certificateNO


  • Good space
  • reversable door


  • no cons

Warranty:  The information about the warranty is not available here.  

5. AmazonBasics 43 L Mini Refrigerator-Single Door:

This single door refrigerator is from the amazonbasics family that saves energy up to 18%. It has a 4 star energy rating and the compressor give 5 years warranty 1 shelves provide optimum storage space for the items. The design of the product is quite good and suits the kitchen. 

Whirlpool Mini Refrigerator
Whirlpool 93L 2 Star Mini fridges with freezer
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Key Features:

Star rating4
Shelf typeFree-standing
Freezer capacityno specify


  • Adjustable slabs
  • Good capacity
  • Cooling performance is also good
  • It can bear the heavy load


  • There is no light inside  

Warranty:  1 year on the product and 10 years on the compressor   

Tips for maintenance of mini-refrigerator:

The maintenance of the mini-fridge is simple as compared to the standard one. Due to the small size, it takes less effort and time. To avail of its long life, one has to follow the following tips. They are really helpful in taking out productivity.

  • Always put it in a dry area
  • Do not put the fridge in the horizontal position. It could affect the cooling effect
  • If you are going for an outing then use a towel to absorb all moisture before carrying it. Unplug the fridge and clean the interior and exterior parts properly. After that place the towel for 24 hours so that all the moisture gets absorbed. Remove the towel and carry the fridge.
  • Clean the interior with water and baking soda. Before cleaning the fridge, you must make the power cut by unplugging it.
  • If you going out for weeks then don’t forget to remove all perishable items
  • If the automatic defrost feature is not available then defrost it at the regular interval
  • Do not put heavy loads
  • Always keep the capacity limit in mind and store the items accordingly.
  • Keeps the shelves clean and shiny
  • Store all the items with proper distance for proper airflow
  • Keep it away from the sunlight or any other heat source
  • Clean the outer with the cleaner to remove the strains.
  • Keep it on the even surface

Types of mini-refrigerator:

On the basis of size and shape, there are different mini-refrigerators available in the market. Each of them has its cons and pons. The features of each refrigerator also vary from product to product

  • Medium size mini refrigerator:

These are more expensive than the others but come in large sizes. There are more shelves in this type of fridge which is a good space for storing the foodstuffs.

  • Cube refrigerator:

This is a small fridge that comes in the range of 11.5 to 2.1 cubic feet. Due to its lightweight, it can be easily carried during travelling. This fridge is less expensive so it is a good choice when there is a budget issue.

  • Drinks mini-refrigerator:

From the name itself, it can be predicted that this type of mini-refrigerator is used for storing drinks and other beverages. They are small refrigerator for room.

  • Counter high mini-refrigerator:

It is the most expensive one. But if you are looking for an energy-efficient fridge, then this product is good. There is a single and double door option.


Are there any smart features available?

Yes, there are many smart features available in the mini-refrigerator which is as follows:
· Germ protecting gasket: This gasket protects the fridge from germs.
· Alarm feature: If you forgot to close the door this feature will notify you.
· Automatic defrost: This will automatically defrost the fridge without any manual effort.
· Stabilizer free operation: It helps to withstand the voltage fluctuations
· Temperature control: This enables the user to control the temperature of the mini-fridge.

What features you must consider while buying the mini-refrigerator?

There are many features which you must consider before buying. If you are considering these factors, it will be beneficial.

Storage capacity:
Mini-refrigerators are compact in size. So storage is small as compared to the standard one. A user must look for storage. Mini-fridge which has no freezer is offering more space. Also, some have adjustable shelves which can be removed to make a proper storage space.

The size of the mini-refrigerator is small as compared to the standard one. If you are a traveler then you must look at its portability feature. It should be small and handy so that you can carry it easily.

Power consumption:
Before buying any electrical product, a user must be aware of the power consumption. If power consumption is the main concern then you must choose a larger mini-refrigerator. It is because a large mini-fridge consumes less power. Additionally, you can go for the energy-rated fridge which has a highly efficient cooling system. 

All the mini-refrigerators come with different ranges of budgets. The budget of the product always depends on the brand, material used and features. If you are looking for the best features then you might get a high-cost product.

Size and design:
There are different designs available for the mini-refrigerators. So before buying a user must look after the design and style. Additionally, colour is another point you can consider.

To avail of the warranty of the product, you must choose the mini-fridge from the reputed company. While considering the repair and return policy, make sure you are aware of all the details.

Additional points:
· Choose the larger refrigerator so that it consumes less power
· Select 2 door models which have a separate freezer section
· Rather than wire racks choose the glass shelves
· Look for the interior space 

Where can you get a mini-fridge?

Mini-refrigerators are available at all the retail outlets and showrooms. Also, you can order them online on various e-commerce sites. The main sites to get affordable mini-refrigerators are Flipkart and Amazon. On the online platforms, it is available with discounts and EMI

Cost of mini-fridge?

The cost of mini-refrigerators is ranging from Rs.6000 to Rs.15000/- The cost varies according to the material used, brand, and features. There are many other factors on which the cost depends. 
Always keep in that costing always gets up and down. To get the best price, a user must do market research.   

Last word:

So these are some of the mini-fridges with freezer reviews that are popular in the market. Every fridge is having its own pons and cons. It is good in all senses. Those who are travelling freaks and have small space for storage could choose this product. These are some of the top mini-refrigerators which are enough to full fill your needs. All of them are from reputed companies. We have shared all the information with you regarding the mini-fridge. Hope this article is helpful for you. Before finalizing your purchase think in 360 degrees ways to avail the best product. We welcome your words in the below section. Have happy hunting!