Best Single Door Refrigerator With 5 Star Rating

Here we introduce the best single door refrigerator for a small kitchen with 3 to 4 people small family. This type of refrigerator is available at low prices with a compact design. Many people search for a single door fridge for their homes, hotels, and restaurants. These refrigerators consume less energy & produce high efficiency.

So we select the top 4 best brands with 5 star rating in refrigerator that is well known among users. Single door refrigerator price starts from 10,000 INR; it is cost-efficient also. So there is no budget issue for buying this for home. It consumes less space, is easily adjustable, & changes the look of your kitchen.

Let’s check the refrigerator brands one by one and consider them before purchasing.

A Quick Checklist of Single Door Refrigerators:

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1. WhirlpoolView
2. GodrejView
3. LGView
4. SamsungView

Top 4 refrigerator brands with 5-star rating

1. Whirlpool 5 star 215 ltr single door refrigerator:

This Whirlpool refrigerator comes with functions & facilities to complete the kitchen look. It attracts users with its 5-star energy efficiency & outer view of this product. This whirlpool refrigerator single door has toughened glass shelves that hold the extra loads of stored items. This single door fridge under 20000 is affordable & energy-saving.

Honeycomb moisture control design keeps the in-store items fresh for a long time & up to seven days of garden freshness. The easy bacterial-free gasket protects the fridge door liner & keeps the food items anti-bacterial for a long time.

I like it the most because it prevents the milk for 12 hours, even in a power cut. No. 1 in Ice Making using Insulated Capillary Technology and Laminar Airflow to Cool. I love this single-door Whirlpool refrigerator with all the functions that a small family can take advantage of.

whirlpool refrigerator single door 5 star 215 ltr
Best single door fridge
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Energy efficiency5-star rating
Item dimensions150.2 x 56.6 x 68.2 cm 
Item weight40 kg 800 g
Capacity‎215 litres
Freezer capacity14 Litres
Voltage95 volt
Shelf typeGlass
Country of originIndia

2. Godrej 192 liter 5-star single door fridge:

This Indian model Godrej single-door refrigerator with a 5-star energy rating consumes less energy to generate better output. This Godrej fridge single door comes with turbo cooling technology to produce 20% more cooling & ice-making functionality.

This refrigerator is equipped with an inverter compressor that is quieter and adjusts the cooling according to the fridge’s operation. The larger freezer space makes this fridge unique for storing ice-creams, canned, fast foods, and pre-cooked food.

godrej refrigerator single door 5 star
Godrej single door refrigerator
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Energy efficiency5-star rating
Item dimensions66.5 x 57.5 x 119 cm
Item weight37 kg
Capacity‎192 litres
Freezer capacity31.5 Litres
Voltage230 volt
Shelf typeGlass
Country of originIndia

3. LG 235 ltr 5-star single door fridge:

LG has also been a well-known brand in this industry since 1958. This product with a 5 star energy rating consumes less power to generate efficiency. The innovative smart connect technology allows you to connect your refrigerator with your home inverter in the event of power failure. It also gives you the benefit of keeping food in storage for a long time without any loss.

LG single door refrigerator comes with a base drawer to store the vegetable items. The unique thing that, I found in this fridge is using solar energy, but this is a separate part that must be purchased separately. Refer manual for more information on this product.

lg refrigerator single door 5 star
LG single door 5 star rating fridge
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Energy efficiency5-star rating
Item dimensions62.1 x 59.1 x 150 cm
Item weight40 kg
Capacity‎235 litres
Freezer capacity35 Litres
Voltage230 volt
Shelf typeGlass
Country of originIndia

4. Samsung 198 litres 5-star single door fridge:

This Samsung refrigerator comes with a base drawer to store vegetables & DIT (digital inverter technology); it automatically adjusts the cooling as per operation. It runs on a home inverter while the power is cut & Make sure that the refrigerator is protected from the effects of power fluctuations.

This stabilizer-free operation keeps it running smoothly and efficiently. If the voltage rises excessively, it cuts the power to avoid electrical damage. The toughened glass shelves were tested & approved to it hold up to 175 kg weight. The horizontal curve design & garo handle make this refrigerator look more attractive from the outside.

Samsung refrigerator single door 5 star
Samsung single door refrigerator below 20000
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Energy efficiency5-star rating
Item dimensions71.5 x 57.8 x 132.5 cm
Item weight41 kg 400 g
Capacity‎198 litres
Freezer capacity24 Litres
Voltage220 volt
Shelf typeGlass
Country of originIndia

Last word:

Here we mention the best single door fridge with 5 star energy rating that reduces electricity bills. Our team covers the crucial points that will help the users while buying the refrigerator. If you want more details about these products, please refer to the manual or contact the retailer. Choose your desired outcome as per your requirement all the fridges have unique features & value for your money investing. Check the prices before purchasing any single door fridge price changes when the product is updated.

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