India’s Best Mini Refrigerator Price Below 3000

We all know the importance of a refrigerator it provides an amazing facility during summer and acts as a lifeline. Well, compact refrigerators are taking up a large space and due to this reason, Small families and a single person looking for small size fridges. To solve this problem, a mini refrigerator price below 3000 is available in the market.

Although most of these mini-refrigerators are inexpensive, certain people want high-quality, innovative features, good performance, a stylish look, and so on. They are unconcerned about expensive expenses. As a result, It is possible to get the mini refrigerator price 5000 to 7000.

Well, if you are looking for the same then you are in the right place here. We will introduce you to the best mini refrigerator that comes under 3000 prices.

Mini Refrigerator under 3000 Quick Checklist:

Mini refrigerator quick checklist Check Product
Big Shoppe Store Universal Mini Fridge for car View
Boriva Mini Car Refrigerator 7.5 L Portable Fridge View
Tropicool Portable Chiller cum Warmer Mini Fridge View
Yarmee enterprise Mini Refrigerator Portable Fridge View
GEN Portable Electric Cooler and Warmer Car Refrigerator View

What is a mini refrigerator?

A mini refrigerator is a small compact refrigerator that can be fit anywhere. It takes a small space for storage and provides all the cooling effects. The typical size of these refrigerators ranges from 1.5CFT to 4.5CFT. Due to 5.5cu, they have a compact design. This is the main advantage of these refrigerators which make them portable.

Why choose Mini refrigerator:

Mini fridges are portable. This is the reason; they are handy and easily carried at any place. For travel freaks, they are very useful. Within a compact space, they fill the need for cooling or heating the foodstuff. For small families, students, or a single person, they are very convenient. Within a small space at home or car, they are easily fit. Additionally, there are some other reasons to choose mini-refrigerators.

Easy to clean:

Due to their small size, these refrigerators are easy to clean and require less effort to clean.


The small-size refrigerators are easy to carry. It could be easily adjusted in the car and in small places. For travel lovers, these products provide full fill the need for cooling and one can enjoy chilled beer or beverages at any time.

Aesthetic value:

For home remodeling purposes, mini-refrigerators could be very useful. They come with stylish designs and colors that could easily suit the kitchen or other spaces.

Low maintenance:

The small-size refrigerators are good but require low maintenance.


It requires less energy and it consumes less energy in general. This is why they are energy-efficient. Those who love to save electricity can go for these products.

Automatic defrost:

Most of the mini-refrigerators come with an automatic defrost feature. There is no manual effort to defrost them.

Mini refrigerators use:

The main purpose of the mini-refrigerators is to keep the beverages and foodstuffs fresh. They are useful for a single family or single person. Moreover, it is portable, So it could easily travel to any other place during the journey.

Brands that provide mini-refrigerators:

  • Whirlpool
  • Godrej
  • LG
  • Mitashi
  • Intex
  • Koryo
  • Haier
  • Tropicool

Besides these well-known brands, many other companies manufacture the mini-refrigerator.

Top 5 Mini Refrigerator Price below 3000 in India

1. Big Shoppe Store Universal Car Mini Fridge:

This mini car refrigerator comes with 5 Volts their power to cool or warm drinks. The fan of this portable mini fridge has a fan that circulates the air evenly. The other benefit of this product is its lightweight and long-lasting performance. This mini car refrigerator can also be used for the office and home as well. It is used for both cooling & heating. The cooling temperature is about 8 to 9 degrees centigrade & heating up to 40 to 65 degrees centigrade.

As an important talk, These fridges are not used for groceries, vegetables, and fruits.

Big shoppe mini refrigerator price below 3000
Big Shoppe Store Universal Car Mini Fridge
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Key Features:

ManufacturerBig Shoppe
Item model number‎68002645_1
Colour Black
Form factorFreezer and warmer
Dimension9 x 8 x 19.5 cm
Item weight130 g


  • Low noise
  • Long life
  • Non -pollution
  • Two in one (heating & cooling)


  • No cons found

Warranty: No warranty is applicable.

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2. Boriva Portable Mini Fridge for Car:

This is another small fridge that is useful for cars for travel purposes. The portable refrigerator has a capacity of 7.5L and the temperature could be adjusted between 10 degrees C to 65 degrees C. It is safe to use because the switch position can be set to OFF even when it is in use.

There is a silent internal thermoelectric fan within this product. It is generally available in white and blue color. A user can use this product throughout the year, as it is good for winters and summers as well. The main purpose of this fridge is to keep the dairy products, food items, meat, beverages, and medicines. If someone is looking to keep the hot soups and other food items, It is ideal to use.

Boriva mini refrigerator under 3000
Boriva mini car refrigerator cold & warm refrigerator
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Key Features:

Manufacturer Boriva
Item model numberSM 11
Colour Blue
Form factorFreezer and warmer
Dimension12.6 x 7.1 x 11.8 cm


  • Robust body
  • Durable
  • Light in weight
  • Non-Toxic


  • No cons found

Warranty: No warranty is applicable.

3. Tropicool Portable Chiller cum Warmer Car Mini Fridge:

The Tropicool mini refrigerator with a price lower than 4000 can be used as a warmer as well as a freezer. It’s easy for people to take along in their car. The freezer can hold a maximum capacity of 5 Liters. It is extremely stable and safe due to its premium ABS materials. The fridge comes with Superior Matt finished with three colours. It can chill to five degrees Celsius and an energy capacity of 60 ° Celsius.

Tropicool Portable mini fridge under 3000
Portable Tropicool Mini Fridge for Car
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Key Features:

Manufacturer Tropicool
Item model number‎PC-05
Colour White
Form factorFreezer and warmer
Voltage12/24 V
Item weight540 g


  • Light-weight
  • Good Capacity
  • Ideal to use during trips
  • Dual form factor
  • Durable


  • Some customers complain about its performance

Warranty: 1 year Brand warranty on this product.

4. Yarmee Enterprise 7.5 L Multi-Function Mini Refrigerator:

Thermoelectric technology is used in the design of this refrigerator. It could be used to both chill and heat drinks. Its thermal insulation system keeps the goods cold or warm even when the power is turned off. It has a capacity of approximately 7.5 L. As a result, consumers profit more from the capacity to have more stuff stored. A user might quickly connect to a 12V DC outlet or power supply.

Yarmee enterprise portable mini car refrigerator
Yarmee Enterprise portable mini car refrigerator
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Key Features:

ManufacturerYarmee enterprise
Item model number7.5 Litre Car Refrigerator
ColourWhite and Blue
Form factorFreezer and warmer
Item weight500 g


  • Thermal insulation keeps the operation on
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple to plug in
  • Does not produce pollution


  • No cons found

Warranty: No warranty is applicable.

5. GEN Portable Electric Cooler and Warmer Car Refrigerator:

This GEN portable small fridge is made in India. It has a 7-litre capacity for drinks, ice cream, chocolates and small dairy items.

This Portable mini refrigerator is another product that is available for outing lovers. It can be used for both purposes like cooling and warming the item. There are four cup holders there that can be used for keeping the cup. The product is ideal for office purposes, outings, and home purposes as well.

 GEN Portable Electric Cooler and Warmer Car fridge below 3000
GEN Portable Electric Cooler and Warmer Car Refrigerator
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Key Features:

Manufacturer Gen
Item model numberNot available
Colour White and Blue
Form factorFreezer and warmer
Dimension10 x 10 x 10 cm
Item weight490 g


  • Portable product
  • Cup holder
  • Electric warmer and cooler


  • No components are included in this product

Warranty: No warranty is applicable.

Few smart features available in the mini refrigerator:

  • Auto defrost that defrost the freezer at regular intervals
  • Temperature control feature
  • Germ-protecting gasket that protects the fridge from germs
  • Stabilizer-free operation that withstands the voltage fluctuation

Tips to increase the life of a Mini refrigerator:

There are certain things that you need to follow to increase the life of a mini-refrigerator. These are as follows.

Keeping at the right position:

The position of the fridge matters a lot and directly impacting on its functioning. It is always suggested to keep the product in a horizontal position. The base should be kept on the bottom side only.

Keep it clean:

The mini refrigerator should be kept clean and well-maintained. After a certain period, the user needs to clean it after removing all the items. One can use warm water to clean it with clothing. The res-use of the product should be after completely dry.

Don’t overload it:

While using the fridge, the limited space of the refrigerator should be considered well. One should not go beyond the capacity limit. This would hurt working. If case if you have purchased a very small capacity, limited things should be kept that it could bear.

Good space among the things:

The proper flow of the air is necessary for the fridge; the same applies to the mini refrigerator as well. There should be proper gaps between the items to maintain the airflow.

Cleaning ice dispenser:

The mini refrigerator that comes with a separate refrigerator section should not be avoided. Some come with an automatic defrost feature but if it is not present, then the user needs to clean the ice regularly.

Keep the head free:

The mini refrigerator is a small product and an electronic one. Therefore, it is not a good idea to treat it as a table. If you keep so many items on it, there would be a chance of malfunctioning. Some mini refrigerators are not very robust. Therefore, it is good to keep it free from other loads on the outer side.

1. Where can I purchase the mini refrigerator?

The mini fridge is easily available in the retail shops in the market. Also, many e-commerce sites make the availability of these products. All the leading online shopping sites provide mini refrigerators of different brands.

2. Which are the most reliable brands for the mini fridge?

Some of the top brands such as Tropicool, Godrej, Hisense, Amazon basics, StylPro, etc. our point of view Tropicool and StylPro are the best at the lowest price.

3. Can We store cooked food in the fridge and for how much time?

No, You Can’t Store cooked food in a small fridge for 24 hours. Because it is only for cold drinks, small bottles, drink cans or medicines and you can’t store meats in this fridge for 2-3 days.


Mini-refrigerators come in many ranges with different designs, colors and sizes. Different brands provide mini-refrigerators. But one must look at 360 degrees before buying it. If you are a travel freak and love to enjoy chilled drinks then mini-refrigerators are your perfect choice. We have shared all the details about the mini fridge under 3000. All the products are good and offer the required features. Pick your option and enjoy a fresh meal anytime.