Latest Mini Fridges: Mini Refrigerator Price Below 6000 In India

Budget is the thing that keeps us within the limit. And we are here to keep things flowing. We have the best mini refrigerator price below 6000 which will help you to decide where to spend, how much to spend, and why you should spend. These can be used as mini fridge for cars as well.

All these fridges are rated by our experts and come with a yearly warranty which ensures the quality and cooling, which is the main thing in selecting the fridge.  These refrigerators are handy, budget-friendly and come with a good star rating which will help you to save for the future.

Let’s begin the search of wild, with our products refrigerator below 6000.

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Quick Checklist of Mini Refrigerator Price Below 6000:

Product ListCheck Product
Tropicool mini fridge with magnetic lock View
Tropicool Single Door Inverter Car Chiller and WarmerView
SHREVI IMPEX Portable Car RefrigeratorView
Black + Decker thermoelectric refrigerator View
Elegant Essence Universal Car FridgeView
HR enterprise multi-function car fridgeView
Winston portable thermoelectric cooler for householdView

Top 7 mini refrigerator price below 6000 in India

1. Tropicool 5 Litres Single Door Inverter Mini Chiller and Warmer Car Refrigerator:

This Tropicool mini fridge comes with a 5-liter capacity with a five-star rating. It acts in a dual function i.e., cooling and warming both. It is ideal for storing medicine, insulin, dairy products, and fresh fruits. It can also be used for homes and cars due to its AC and DC chord. In my point of view, this mini refrigerator price below 5000 for those users who like to enjoy chilled cans while traveling.

Tropicool mini fridge
Tropicool mini fridge
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Key Features:

DesignStylish design
Temperature range5 to 60 degrees Celsius
BodyABS body
Item dimensions25.5 x 21 x 26.5
Weight2 kg 900 gram


  • Provide cooling and warming of both
  • Comers with pre-cooling feature
  • Energy efficiency


  • Not ideal for home use
  • Less capacity


2. Tropicool 4 Star Single Door Inverter Car Chiller and Warmer refrigerator:

This fridge is again a product from Tropicool that comes with 8-liter capacities. So, if you are looking for a large-capacity fridge then this product is a good choice. It comes with a single thermoelectric cooling technology to keep the items fresh.

The main purpose of this product is to store food, fruits, dairy products, cosmetics, and medicine. Here we find users with mixed reviews about this product, so verify with the retailer before purchasing it. This Tropicool mini fridge review is worth it for new users.

Tropicool mini fridge single door inverter
Tropicool Single Door Inverter Car mini fridge
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Key Features:

Capacity8 Litres
Dimension31 x 17 x 31 cm
Temperature range5 to 60 Degree Celsius
Dual functionCooling and warming
Item Weight3 kg


  • Good capacity
  • Stylish design
  • Dual functioning
  • Energy saving


  • No separate refrigerator
  • Pre-cooling for 6 hours


3. SHREVI IMPEX Portable Electric Cooler and Warmer Car Refrigerator:

This portable mini-refrigerator is a product from SHREVI IMPEX with various beneficial features like energy-saving and environment-friendly. It is for long life, low noise, and non-pollution.

It is lightweight and portable so it is easy to carry from one place to another. This fridge can be used at home as well as car and stores all kinds of stuff, fruits, for long fresh hours. 4 anti-slip foot pads are available for standing comfortably.

SHREVI IMPEX electric cooler and warmer fridge
SHERVI mini car refrigerator
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Key Features:

Dimensions‎24 x 24 x 12 centimeters
Capacity6 to 7 Litres
Temperature range5 degrees C to 65 degrees C
No installationNo previous installation requires
Dual functionCooling and warming
Item weight860 gram


  • Good space and capacity
  • No installation requires
  • Stylish design
  • Good for the environment
  • Energy saving


  • No separate refrigerator section


4. Black + Decker Thermoelectric Portable Car refrigerator:

This 8-liter capacity mini refrigerator is a product of Black Decker. It comes with a compact and versatile design suitable for the car during traveling, and it can be used for fruits and beverages milk, and tiny products.

Black Decker is low in weight, and very handy to use. It is comfortably fixed on the shoulders with the help strip.

Black Decker mini refrigerator
Black decker mini car refrigerator
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Key Features:

BrandBlack + Decker
Capacity8 Litres
Dimension44.5 x 20 x 20 cm
Temperature range15 to 60 Degree Celsius
Dual functionBoth cooling and warming
Item Weight9 kg


  • Good design
  • Dual functioning
  • Suitable for traveling due to its portable nature


  • No cons found for this product

WARRANTY: 1 year

5. Elegant Essence Universal 5V Car Mini Fridge Warmer and Cooler Dual Auto USB Refrigerator:

This closed-door design allows your drink to the ice for a long time beside the computer and is easy to carry for as long as there is a place where the USB plug is available, mainly useful for the car during travel. This mini refrigerator is suitable for fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, and medicine.

This small fridge under 6000 is best for those who ride outstation weekly or monthly. It is a lightweight, durable, attractive-looking mini fridge that suits you while traveling. When this equipment is working in a hot or humid atmosphere, some water droplets are to be expected. To dry, use a dry cloth or towel.

Elegant Essence Universal Car Mini Fridge
Elegant essence car mini fridge
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Key Features:

Brand‎Elegant Essence
Capacity7.5 Litres
Voltage5 volt
DesignStylish design
Dual functioningCooling and warming
ConfigurationCompact freezers


  • Good capacity
  • USB plug
  • Handy for travelling


  • No separate refrigerator section

WARRANTY: 1 year

6. HR enterprise portable 12V ABS multi-function car mini fridge:

This refrigerator is a product from an HR enterprise that is quite portable. It also provides other benefits like energy saving, and the ecosystem. It is durable and suitable to use with an approach. However, it is acceptable for car use only. This is mini refrigerator price below 4000 and has cool features & outer looks that attract users.

HR enterprise portable mini refrigerator price below 6000
HR enterprise ABS multi-function car mini fridge
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Key Features:

BrandHR enterprise
Dimensions10 x 10 x 3 cm
Capacity7 Litres
Works dualIt can be used for cooling and warming
Temperature range5 degrees to 65 degrees C
Low noiseIt does not produce too much noise
Item weight800 g


  • Environment friendly
  • Good capacity
  • Good Built
  • Stylish design and compact structure
  • Low noise feature so can be used in the bedroom, living room, or even in the office


  • Only limited to car use

WARRANTY: 1 year

7. Winston portable thermoelectric cooler for household:

This mini-refrigerator is a product from Winston that provides decent capacity. It offers good storage space for keeping foodstuffs, beauty products, and beverages, which is a significant advantage of this product.

It takes 2 to 3 hrs to reach its high temperature and has shelves for extra space to store various items up to 6 liters capacity.

Winston household mini fridge
Winston portable fridge
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Key Features:

Dimensions28 x 24 x 34  Centimeters
Capacity6 Litres
Temperature rangesColor


  • Good built
  • Due to its lightweight, it is pretty handy
  • Additional shelve for spacing


  • No separate refrigerator section

WARRANTY: 1 year

  1. Why are mini-refrigerators in high demand?

    Mini-refrigerators are good at traveling and choosing when there is a space issue. It is an excellent product for small families, single persons, and students to fill the refrigerator’s needs. It is small in size, but the required stuff can be put and kept fresh for a long time. Likewise, chilled beer can be enjoyed during traveling.

  2. How to maintain the mini refrigerator?

    The maintenance of the mini refrigerator is the same as that of the standard one, and it simply means you need to follow the same tips to extend its life. Some of them are as follows.

    Avoid overload:
    Every refrigerator has its capacity, and if you use it beyond that, it will cause malfunction. It is better to avoid overload. If your habit is to keep many things on the refrigerator, then change it in case of a mini refrigerator. Keep in mind that it is a small refrigerator that can’t bear the heavy load.

    No item on the top:
    The habit of keeping the other things on the top of the refrigerator could bring out an adverse effect, and it impacts the normal functioning of the product. Should avoid the use of a mini refrigerator as a table. Mind it, sure the top of the product should be clean and empty.

    Defrost regularly:
    Some of the mini refrigerators come with the automatic defrost feature. If such a feature is absent, you must clean it manually, and the deposition of ice should be wiped out for normal functioning.

    Cut the power when cleaning:
    The mini-refrigerator should cut down on the power supply when the user cleans it. It is suitable for user safety and the functioning of the product.

    The cleaning of the mini refrigerator is a mandatory part of its maintenance. With regular time intervals, you must clean it with warm water and a cloth to remove the strains.

  3. What is the price of a mini refrigerator?

    The Price of a mini fridge depends on its structure, capacity, durability, and performance. Generally, the price of a mini refrigerator is between 5000 to 7000 available in India.

Leading brands that are manufacturers of Mini-refrigerator:

Well, the above companies manufacture and sell mini-refrigerators. Besides them, there are other leading brands which are as follows.

Features you must consider before purchasing:

Color: Mini-refrigerators come in many colors. The major colors are white, blue, and pink, and you must choose the color that suits your place well. But is it not the essential thing before purchasing?

Design: Usually, the design of mini-refrigerators comes in a compact form.

The material used: The material used for manufacturing is vital for long life. Before purchasing, you must inspect the used material to ensure quality. Ask the retailers about the same. A suitable material gives out a robust structure but also increases the cost.

Storage capacity: It is important to look for storage space, especially with mini-refrigerators that come compact. If your demand is for ample storage space, it is necessary to go with large-size mini-refrigerators.

Power consumption: Most mini-refrigerators consume less power, but this varies according to the technology used. Generally, the larger mini-refrigerators require less energy than the smaller ones. Those who like to save energy must choose a large mini-refrigerator.

Budget: Before purchasing the product, you must check the price. The cost depends on the brand, the material used, features, and size. The quality-oriented product always leads to a high cost.

Warranty: You can check for the warranty, which is an important factor. Helps in replacing the parts or the product.

Adjustable Shelves: Some refrigerators come with adjustable shelves. Removing these shelves makes it easy to get a more prominent space for keeping things. The adjustable shelves can be put or released as per the requirement, Which is another factor that the user must check.

Variable door option: Some mini-refrigerators have variable door options like single, reversible, and double. It is just like the standard refrigerator, i.e., the single door has one door to keep all the stuff. The double door has two separate sections, i.e., refrigerator and fridge. The reversible door fridge has one single door that can open from either side.

Merits of using mini-refrigerators:

Offers portability:

The mini-fridge is quite a portable product. You can carry it to any place without any worry, and the weight is almost bearable and can be taken at any location.

Easy to maintain:

Compared to the standard refrigerator, it is pretty easy to maintain the mini-refrigerator.


Mini refrigerators are energy efficient and are the best option to avail of the cooling effect at low electricity consumption.

Makes the outing well:

As it is easy to carry it at any place when it is about the outing, mini-refrigerators are the best option to enjoy the chilled and warm stuff.

Wrapping up:

Mini refrigerators are suitable for those who want to avail the cooling and warming features at the time of travel, and they are cost-effective and energy-efficient. Most of these mini fridges have basic features, but some also carry smart features. So far, we have shared all the details about the refrigerator below 6000 prices; choose your desired product as per your need & check the price before purchasing because product pricing should changes as per new features added.