India’s Best Tropicool Mini Fridges Review for Cars

There are many mini refrigerator brands available in the market. But the consumers get confused when buying because of multiple options for the small refrigerators. Don’t worry, and it happens to everyone. So we research & find the top brand for users, Which is Suitable & trustworthy. According to the Amazon & Flipkart customer review, we found one of the best mini fridges that users search for a home, office, gym & outing also.

Here, we provide a tropicool mini fridges review for a detailed understanding of the product. We research the top 3 mini refrigerators for car & outing use from Tropicool. Mainly the mini refrigerator price 5000 to 7000 INR, which matches the price of a small fridge, but brand matters.

Buying the mini-refrigerator at an affordable rate matters a lot for users. We have placed this here to save you time and stop your search. So let’s review the product one by one.

Quick India’s Best Tropicool Mini fridges Checklist:

Company fridgesFridge CapacityTropicool mini fridge price
Tropicool Portachill black5 LView price
Tropicool CT08 portable car refrigerator8 LView price
Tropicool 12AD mini fridge 12 LView price
Tropicool 18AD mini refrigerator18 LView price

1. Tropicool mini fridge PortaChill Black | Car Refrigerator Chiller Cum Warmer:

This fridge is available in three different colours & prices. It is a fully polished finish with a magnetic lock in front that looks attractive and has both cooler & warmer functionality. This is the best mini refrigerator price below 5000 for an Outstation tour or travelling.

tropicool mini fridges review
Tropicool mini car refrigerator
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This tropicool mini fridge is convenient; even a child can carry it easily. It is also used in cars and helps to store medicines, cosmetics, food items, half-litres bottles, or cans. Single thermoelectric cooling technology allows for high efficiency in low power consumption and cooling & warmer temperature between 5 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.


  • It is handy & user friendly
  • Maintenance-free
  • Hot & cold modes are available
  • Used in cars & home also


  • Low storage capacity
  • Large bottles can’t be adjusted

One year warranty on this product.

2. Tropicool CT08 Portable Car Cooler and Warmer:

This 8 liter Tropicool mini fridge can used in homes & outings also. But the finishing of this product looks comfortable & reliable on vacation outings. It has stored water bottles, beer cans, medicines, cosmetics, food items for a long time.

Tropicool mini fridge for outing
Tropicool mini refrigerator for outstation
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It takes time to cool or hot and has single thermoelectric cooling technology. It helps to consume less power & high efficiency and saves energy & money both. Effective controlling AC & DC cords are also available at home or in cars, and this refrigerator is easily placed at the armrest in cars. The temperature range of the refrigerator is between 5 to 60 degrees celsius.


  • It is handy, maintenance-free, user-friendly
  • No compressor or refrigerant gas
  • Enough space for outing
  • Energy saving


  • Mixed customer opening for this product

1 year warranty on this product.

3. Tropicool 12AD Car Fridge Cum Warmer:

This fridge is slightly high a range from the above two mini-fridges. 12 Litres capacity available, and it also can be used while travelling. Both AC & DC cords are there to use at home or car.

Tropicool 12 AD car mini fridge
Tropicool 12 AD car mini fridge
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Double thermoelectric cooling technology is there to provide high efficiency and reduces the electric bills—soft dial buttons & display on this fridge to adjust the temperature range, and the range is from -3 to 60 degrees celsius. Due to its design, It should be used vertically or horizontally with a carrying belt.


  • Digital control panel
  • Adjustable temperature range
  • AC & DC cords are available


  • No cons found for this product

2 year warranty on this product.

4. Tropicool 18d fridge 18L:

The best handy fridge in the market right now, the temperature ranges from -3 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius. It has double thermoelectric cooling technology. With the input of AC and DC cord.

Portable 18AD Tropicool mini fridge
Tropicool mini fridge 18AD
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  • Best in range
  • Double thermoelectric cooling technology 
  • It has voltage of 240V


  • Bit heavy

2 year warranty on this product.


1. Which is the best Tropicool mini fridge?

Tropicool CT08 refrigerator (8 L) is one of the Best Mini fridges. It can store water bottles, beer cans, medicines, cosmetics, food items for a long amount of time. In this fridge, the temperature range of the refrigerator is between 5 to 60 degrees celsius with Energy-saving.

2. Which is the latest model in Tropicool mini refrigerator?

Portachill black (5 L) is the latest model in the Tropicool fridges, that allow using 5 L space and it is mostly used for cars. In this fridge, hot and cool two modes are available.

3. Why should buy a small fridge?

Tropicool is one of the best mini fridge in India because it provides the best look, gives more space, is easy to carry out, is energy-saving, etc.

Last word:

Here we review all kinds of Tropicool products with their advantages & disadvantages. From this, you can quickly identify the best one as per your requirement. We read every customer’s review which helps to understand the product. Then we deliver the list of tropicool mini fridges according to their price, quality, performance, uses, etc.

NOTE: Please don’t change the mode directly from cool to warm & warm to cool it will bring damage to the refrigerator “.

If you have any queries regarding Tropicool products or warranty, the customer care contact details are:

+91 92261 92262.

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