Why Star Rating in Refrigerator is Essential? – Best Rating Fridges

Electronic appliances like refrigerators consume 10% or more electricity. So, are you planning to buy a fridge, then these things that you should keep in mind before buying a refrigerator? Before purchasing a refrigerator, most of the consumers look at the price rather than the energy rating. But as per our point of view, we must check the star rating in the refrigerator as well, it will compensate for the money invested in the refrigerator.

As the demand for the energy has grown very fastly but in some sectors it is not available yet. So, the usage of energy should be implemented, so the government of India has created a body (BEE) Bureau of Energy Efficiently. under the act energy conservation act 2001 and this body was established in 2002.

As this was the needed body, as this act provides energy efficient services to the people who need it by providing the rating to electric goods. Energy saving is the national cause and everyone in the Indian economy must joins hands to solve the problem of the energy irregulation. As it would benefit not only the people of India but also the sectors who are exporting outside the India.  

What is a 5 star rating in refrigerator? 

What is 5 star rating in refrigerator?

Every refrigerator has an energy efficiency star rating, which is provided by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) based on the refrigerator’s present model. A 5 star refrigerator is the greatest level of a rating, which indicates that it consumes the least amount of energy in 5 stars. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency can carry out the terms on behalf of the users.
Star rating is all about how the model is good compared to other models. In terms of electric consumption.
As the technology is rising day by day the rating will be soon rising to out of 10 stars.

Who decides the energy rating of refrigerators?  

Bureau of energy efficiency

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has the authority to determine the power rating of electronic devices. It is a government agency under the Ministry of Power.

They offer BEE labels on the devices to ensure the rating to save power. Their mission is to develop policies and strategies.

Why does energy rating matters a lot in the refrigerator?

The energy rating is related to electricity consumption. The higher the energy rating, the less the electricity consumption by that refrigerator. So, one who is concerned about energy saving must look for the high energy star.

Which has the best energy rating refrigerator?

Some of the fridges that provide the best energy rating are as follows:
– Samsung 198 L 5-star inverter direct cool single door refrigerator
– Godrej 190 L Inverter direct cool refrigerator
– Whirlpool 215 L Direct cool refrigerator
– Godrej 190 L inverter direct cool refrigerator

What is BEE (bureau of efficiency)?

The government of India has set up an act in 2001 which ensures that the energy is used wisely, and no wastage should occur and best usage of electricity should be commenced.

The BEE co-ordinates with the ministry of power and helps the government. The Indian goverment has proposed to make it mandatory for certain appliances in India to have ratings by the BEE starting in January 2010.

What is the BEE rating?

It is a certificate which is given by the ministry of power to all electronic appliances. Ranging from 1 star to 5 stars higher the star rating means lower the energy consumed.

Bureau of energy efficiency (BEE):

BEE stands for the Bureau of energy efficiency. The role of BEE is to coordinate with the designated customers, agencies, and organizations to implement policies and strategies on self-regulation and market principles.

The significant role of BEE is to promote campaigns and increase awareness of energy efficiency and conservation. Essential steps are being taken in the use of energy efficient equipment or appliances. Promote the curriculum of education on the use of energy or savings.

Factors that affect the energy efficiency of the refrigerator:

1. Outside temperature:

Outside temperature is the factor which is responsible for the less efficiency of the fridge as the different models have different energy ranges, so the city has ideal temperature and it affects the fridge with the energy efficiency.

2. Thermostat setting:

The fridge temperature is controlled by the thermostat. Which is the dial to tune up the temperature inside the fridge and we always change due to the change in climate and atmosphere, so the consumption is more even the lifespan of the refrigerator also decreases.

3. Compressor technology:

Composite compressors consume less electricity than traditional compressors because of modern technology such as twin inverter compressors. It allows hot air to escape while keeping the interior cold, allowing the food to stay fresh for longer.

4. Manufacturing date:

The date of manufacture indicates the technology and age of the product. You may simply verify it by the company and justify whether to purchase the refrigerator or not. The refrigerator’s older technology, which has a 5-star rating, uses the same amount of energy as the new technology, which has a 4-star rating.

5. Door opening:

The chilly air inside the refrigerator keeps food and beverages fresh for longer periods of time. When we open the door too many times, the outside air mixes with the cold air, things won’t stay fresh for a huge amount of time. However, the biggest issue is that it takes more energy to replicate the cold inside.

Essential things that consider except power consumption:

As we read the facts and reasons above. Higher the rating less the energy it will consume. But besides these things, various other points have to be considered before purchasing it. Consider our refrigerator buying guide for more information that helps to decide and points that remember before purchasing.

Sometimes the 5 star rating fridge will be expensive. And sometimes a 5 star refrigerator doesn’t offer the features like 3 or 4 stars refrigerators do. Always go for the best quality products that satisfy your wants and needs.

But always buy a refrigerator that has at least a 3 star rating and fulfills your needs in every prospect.

Wrapping up:

We discussed the aspects that affect your refrigerator’s efficiency in this section. As a result, you may ask the salesman additional questions and select a refrigerator that is appropriate for your household. Are you interested in learning more about refrigerators? Then please have a look at our blogs for the most recent and various refrigerators sections.