9 Best Mini Refrigerators in India: Review and Buying Guide

Best Mini refrigerators in India are an essential part of every house. It plays an important role in the summers and prevents many things from being a ruin. It keeps every food item fresh for a long time with the help of cooling technology.

A standard refrigerator is an important product of every household, but now it’s a mini-refrigerator. It is compact and could be placed in any small space. But then also it comes out clean on the cooling effect.

Now, most people prefer a mini refrigerator that offers a cooling facility with less space. It could be even fit in the cars or minibus when there is an outing. There is a high demand for these mini refrigerators due to the migration of people and the bachelor lifestyle. These fridges provide a one-stop solution and full fill all the requirements of the fridge.

Here in this article, we will find out every detail about the mini fridge price.

Here you can find some more buying guides mini refrigerator.

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What is a mini refrigerator?

These refrigerators are small in size compared to the normal standard fridge. These are compact, and the capacity is about 5.5 cu. ft. The typical size of the refrigerator is about 1.5 CFT to 4.5 CFT in size. They are good for offices, hostels, hotels and bedrooms. Due to their small size, these are portable and could be carried out at any place. So it is easy to carry them anywhere as per the requirement.

It is used to keep fruits, vegetables, drinks and other foodstuffs. They have enough space to keep the food items, and one can choose the product as per the need.

Earlier this type of mini fridge was available in foreign countries, but now in India also these are available.

Famous companies which are providing mini refrigerators:

  • Whirlpool
  • Mitashi
  • LG
  • Globalurja
  • Intex
  • Haier

In addition to this, the mini refrigerators are also available from top companies like Kitchoff, Godrej, Koryo etc.

The mini refrigerators are available from all the famous brands which hold a reputation. It is important to choose the branded refrigerator to avail the best result. Talking about India, these refrigerators are from reputed companies.

Some benefits of mini refrigerator are as follows:

Portable in nature, so it carried at any place.

  • Easy to fit in a small area
  • Good for singles and small family
  • Easy to maintain
  • It Comes with advanced technology
  • There is an automatic defrost system to wipe out the ice
  • Less energy consumption
  • Handy to carry at the time of travel

There are different mini refrigerators available in the market, here we will discuss the famous mini refrigerators. So if you want to discover some detailed knowledge about this product, then you are in the right place.

Quick Checklist of Best mini refrigerator in India:

Product ListMini Fridge price
AmazonBasics 43 L Single Door Mini Refrigerator-black colourView price
Midea Mini Refrigerator 45 L MDRD86FGF31 Silver View price
Gem 50 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerators View price
LG Mini Refrigerator 45L-white colour View price
Godrej 30 L Qube Mini refrigerators View price
BLACK+DECKER -Thermoelectric Portable View price
Kelvinator 45 litres Single Door Mini Refrigerator View price
Godrej ViroShield 4.0-30L-Kills 99% Viruses View price
Croma 50 L Single Door Refrigerator-Direct Cool View price
Checklist of the mini refrigerators in India

Top 9 mini refrigerators which are best to choose:

1. AmazonBasics 43 L Single Door Mini Refrigerator-black colour:

This amazon special refrigerator with a special price provided Integrated handle, Reversible door, Dairy Rack,  Drip Tray, Ice Cube, Tray Removable, metal shelf, Adjustable Foot. best for small family and office uses.

AmazonBasics 43 L Single Door Mini Refrigerator-black color

AmazonBasics 43 L Single Door Mini Refrigerator
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Key Features:

Model NumberAB2019INRF003
Energy Efficiency2 Star Energy Rating
Capacity43 Litres
Form Factor  Single Door
Item weight16 kg
Material  Stainless steel
Country of originIndia


  • Operation is silent
  • The cooling effect is quick
  • Suitable for the small family
  • Easy to fit
  • Elegant and nice design


  • There is no light source available

Warranty: 1 year on product; 5 years on compressor

2. Midea Mini Refrigerator 45 L MDRD86FGF31 Silver:

This mini fridge comes with a capacity of 45 Litre and the product is from Midea. The design and structure of this product are good and suit the place. The main highlight of this product is the reversible door orientation. There is one shelf, but it is ideal for storing beverages and fruits. The energy rating is 1 star, and it works without a stabilizer.

Midea Mini Refrigerator
Midea Mini Refrigerator Silver
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Key Features:

Model NumberMDRD86FGF31
Energy Efficiency1 Star Energy Rating
Capacity45 Litres
Form Factor  Single Door
Item weight13 Kg 700 g
Dimension47.2 x 45 x 49.2 cm
Material  Stainless steel
Country of originNot available


  • Stabilizer free operation
  • The cooling effect is quick
  • Suitable for the small family
  • Easy to fit
  • Elegant and good design


  • Due to 1-star energy rating, it is not energy efficient

Warranty: 1-year warranty on the product

3. Gem 50 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerators:

This refrigerator from the Gem Brand has been designed for bachelor. Its capacity is 50 Litre with the manual defrosting feature. It is ready to use a product that does not require any installation. It is strong and energy-efficient that will cut down your electricity bill. There is a washable anti-bacterial removable gasket.  

That is the best option for a mini refrigerator for home and office.

Gem Direct Cool Single Door best mini Refrigerator in India
Gem Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerators
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Key Features:

Model NumberGRDN-70DGWC
Energy EfficiencyNo Star Energy Rating
Capacity50 Litres
ColourDark Grey
Form Factor  Single Door
Item weight15 Kg 800 g
Dimension50 x 45 x 53 cm
Material  Painted
Country of originNot available


  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Suitable for small families
  • Ready to use product 
  • Washable anti-bacterial removable gasket 


  • Still have manual defrosting 

Warranty: 5 years warranty on the compressor and 1 year on the product. 

4. LG Mini Refrigerator 45L-white colour:

This mini refrigerator comes in a shiny white colour for beverages and other foodstuffs. The capacity in this refrigerator is quite large. So this makes it quite an ideal product for the baby room, waiting room and game room. 

LG Mini Refrigerator 45L-white colour

LG Mini bar fridge 45L-white colour
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Key Features:

Model NumberN/A
Energy EfficiencyNo Star Energy Rating
Capacity45 litres
Form Factor  N/A
Item weight30 kg 100 g
Dimension45 x 44.3 x 50.1 cm
Material  Steel
Country of originIndia


  • Adjustable temperature control 
  • Reversible door 
  • Low sound operation
  • Compact and stylish


  • No cons found 

Warranty: No information is available on the warranty for this product

5. Godrej cube fridge 30 L(TEC QUBE 30L HS Q103):

The mini refrigerator from Godrej is a perfect product of style and performance. The capacity of this refrigerator is about 30 litres. This product is suitable for bedrooms, offices, hotel rooms and guest rooms. It comprises thermoelectric cooling technology that keeps the food fresh for a long time.

The great benefit of this refrigerator is that it consumes very little power, and one can easily access the items kept inside. The product’s warranty is about one year and 10 years on the compressor.

Godrej Qube Mini refrigerators in India
Godrej Cube fridge
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Key Features:

Model NumberTEC Qube 30L HS Q103 Black
Energy EfficiencyNo Star Energy Rating
Capacity30 Litre
Form Factor  Single
Item weight11 Kg
Dimension48.3 x 38.1 x 45.7 cm
Material  Steel
Country of originIndia


  • Energy efficient 
  • Silent operation
  • No defrosting
  • Easy to maintain


  • No locking feature

Warranty: Warranty is about 1 year on the product.

6. BLACK+DECKER -Thermoelectric Portable:

This mini fridge thermoelectric portable provided an Environment-friendly feature, LED indicating warming or cooling also best for home, office, clinics, farmhouses, hotels, parties, etc.

BLACK+DECKER -Thermoelectric Portable

BLACK+DECKER -Thermoelectric Portable
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Key Features:

Model NumberBDC24L_B1
Energy EfficiencyNo Star Energy Rating
Form Factor  Mini fridge
Item weight5 kg 600 g
Dimension45 x 42 x 31.5 cm
Material  Aluminium
Country of originChina


  • Good quality 
  • Environment-friendly
  • Slide-out glass shelves


  • not have cons

Warranty: 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase

7. Kelvinator 45 litres Single Door Mini Refrigerator:

This mini-refrigerator capacity is 45 litres, and it carries a modern design with stainless steel material. It is a perfect product for home, office and other useful places, and it has a reversible door, temperature control and eco gas.

BLACK+DECKER Energy Star Refrigerator with Freezer, VCM:
BLACK+DECKER Energy Star Refrigerator with Freezer, VCM
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Key Features:

Model Number‎KRC-B060SGP
Energy Efficiency1 Star
Capacity45 litres
Form Factor  Mini-fridge
Item weight10 kg
Dimension46.5 x 52 x 52 cm
Material  Steel
Country of originNot available


  • Adjustable temperature control 
  • Easy to Clean Gasket
  • Low sound operation


  • No cons found

Warranty: No warranty is available on the product

8. Godrej ViroShield 4.0-30L-Kills 99% Viruses:

This tropicool mini refrigerators india is also a great product for travelling purposes. It is a good option for the home and office as well. It works for cooling and heating purposes. The total capacity is 5 litres which are enough for fruits, beverages and food. It is based on thermoelectric cooling technology. There is AC and DC cord which makes it ideal for car use and home as well. The warranty is available for one year on the product.

For the car, the user can use a 12V DC cord and for home, the user can use the 230V AC cord. Generally these mini refrigerator price 5000 to 7000 in India.

Tropicool Portable Chiller cum warmer
Tropicool Portable Chiller cum warmer
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Key Features:

Energy Efficiency N/A
Capacity45 litres
Form Factor  ‎Standard_single_door
Item weight
9 kg 600 g
Dimension49 x 44 x 46 cm
Material  N/A
Country of originIndia


  • UV-C disinfection against COVID-19 
  • Larger capacity  


  • It has small storage. 

Warranty: No information is available on the warranty for this product

9. Croma 50 L Single Door Refrigerator-Direct Cool:

This mini refrigerator is a product of Hisene company. It has a capacity of 44 litres with a solid pattern. The design of the refrigerator is quite good and suits the place. Its chilled zone provides the perfect chilled items. It provides enough space for storage. It has a reversible door.  

Croma 50 L Single Door Refrigerator-Direct Cool

Croma 50 L Single Door Refrigerator
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Key Features:

Model NumberCRAR0218
Energy Efficiency1-star efficiency
Capacity50 Litres
Form Factor  Single Door
Item weight16 kg
Material  Steel
Country of origin‎china


  • Good capacity
  • Nice design
  • Durable


  • only 1 star energy saving

Warranty: no warranty available


What features you must consider while buying a mini-refrigerator?

Variable door options: There is a single door, double door and reversible door options available. The single door mini fridge is including one door and all the items are stacked in one place. The double door fridge is having two separate doors the upper door is the freezer section and the bottom one is the fridge section.
In the reversible door mini fridge is having one single door but it can be opened from the left side and right side as well.

Colour: There are wide ranges of colour availability of these mini-refrigerators. It could be red, silver, white, grey or any other metallic colour. A user must choose a colour that is suitable for the room and give out a good look.

Design: There are many stylish designs available. A user must choose the right design which suits the requirement. Most of the refrigerators designs are common and there is one compact like structure.

The material used: Before going to purchase your end product, you must inspect the material used. Make it sure that there is a high-grade quality used in the mini-refrigerator. This will give out a robust structure. This kind of scenario is especially important when there is about travelling and carrying the fridge.
If you don’t have any travelling like a scenario then you can go with the simple quality. But then also it is advisable to check out the material and glass used. 

Size of the fridge: The size of the mini-fridge is always small and compact. However, it may have some variation from company to company and model to model. The main purpose of the mini refrigerator is to avail the cooling effect but with less space. So, one should choose the size according to the need.

Storage capacity: The storage capacity is also another point of factor. There is a different capacity for a different mini-fridge. There are different sizes and according to it, the capacity is also different. Some have more space and some have less storage space but the basic storage space is available in the entire mini-refrigerator for home and office.
The basic storage capacity is capable of storing the daily used items. One can easily store liquid and solid foodstuffs.

Power consumption: Choose the energy rated fridge with a highly efficient cooling system. The larger mini-refrigerator requires less power than the smaller mini-refrigerator. If power saving is the main concern then one must choose a larger fridge

Budget: The amount you spend on any item is really important. You must check the features and functionalities. It is better to compare the different models and then go with the final purchase. This helps in availing the best product within the budget line. Don’t forget to focus on this factor when purchasing your best mini refrigerator.

Freezer option: There are a few fridges which have freezer options also. Here in this freezer space, one can keep an ice tray, ice cream and other delights.

Adjustable Shelves: There is a more organized storage space available in many mini-refrigerators. Any consumer can easily adjust the shelves as per the need. The removing and arranging back of the shelves is making the fridge friendly to the user.
One can make the arrangement accordingly as per the requirement.

Warranty: Warranty is a really important factor which is considered when replacement of the parts. While considering the repair, return policy of the fridge, make sure you read every detail minutely. Almost every fridge is providing a 1-year warranty but it also varies from company to company.

Are there any smart features available?

Yes, some mini-refrigerators come with smart features which are as follows.
· Automatic defrost which defrost them without manual operation or any human interaction
· Gasket for the germ protection
· Free stabilizer operation
· Low noise option
· In case if you have forgotten to close the fridge the alarm will raise. This is called an alarm feature.  
· Inclusion of compressor technology and absorption for the energy-efficient
There are many other advanced features available in the mini-refrigerators. These features are also varying from company to company. Most of the users like smart features because they make life easy and convenient.

How to maintain a mini-refrigerator?

The maintenance of the mini refrigerator is the same as that of a standard refrigerator. Some additional tips are as follows.
· Do not overload the fridge; every refrigerator is having its storage capacity
· Keep the fridge clean from the interior side. It is better to clean it with water and baking soda
· Keep the fridge away from the sunlight or any other heat sources
· Do not place the fridge in the horizontal position it could cause a problem in the interior cooling.
· Make sure that there is proper airflow in the fridge.
· Do not keep the fridge in a highly humid place. Make sure that it is dry and clean.
· It should be placed on an even surface.
· Defrost the fridge at regular period if it is not having an automatic defrost facility
The basic maintenance of the mini refrigerator is somewhat identical to the standard fridge. But as compared to the standard fridge, it is easy to maintain, requiring less effort and time.  

Guidance to choose the best fridge:

It is important to choose the right fridge and as per the requirement. In general, a user must go for the larger mini-refrigerator. It is better to select 2 door models in case if you want the frozen treats.

Rather than wire racks, it is good to choose one glass shelves. The interior space is also important to consider.

Types of mini refrigerators:

Based on use and size, there are many mini-refrigerators available.

Medium-sized mini-refrigerator:

As compared to the cube mini fridge this type of mini-refrigerators is quite expensive. They come up with the larger size which is tough to carry.

Cube Refrigerators:

Due to the cube-like structure, these are known as cube refrigerators. The small unit ranges from 11.5 to 2.1 cubic feet. These are light in weight and could be transferred from one place to another.

Drinks mini-refrigerator:

These types of refrigerators are used to store those beverages, drinks and food which are ready to consume. They come in small size as compare to other mini-refrigerators.

Counter high mini fridges:

This is a compact fridge which is the most expensive and it is most efficient for energy. There are plenty of foods and drinks that can be stored in this type of fridge. It comes in single door and double door as well.

Travel mini-refrigerator:

These are light in weight and could be travel from one place to another. While travelling it is easy to carry the foodstuff and drinks.

Where mini-refrigerators are used?

The mini-refrigerators find their application in the vast domains. The basic use of this product is in the hostels and bachelors space who are living as single. Small families with less space or small houses could use this fridge.
It is also useful for travel freaks. Some fridge is ideal to carry due to lightweight. Therefore enjoying a chilled beer or any other foodstuff is not limited. One can easily travel the fridge to keep the foodstuff fresh while travelling.

Availability of mini refrigerators:

The mini-refrigerators are available at all online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. They are also available at the retail outlet shops and other electronic shops. One can order the mini-fridge online or by visiting the shops and supermarket.

Cost of the mini-refrigerators:

The cost of mini refrigerators is varying from company to company. There are many factors on which the cost is depending which are as follows.

  • Brand – Some branded companies are providing an expensive range of product as compared to others. The cost is varying from brand to brand.
  • The material used – A high-quality material fridge is always having a high cost.
  • Size – The bigger size fridge is always having a high cost as compared to the smaller size due to the material used.
  • Features – The features are also justifying the cost. The number of unique features always makes the refrigerator costly. The price of the fridge is proportional to the advanced features.

Some are even available on the EMI. So it is easy to avail these products simply.

Life of mini refrigerator:

The average lifespan of the mini-fridge is less than 9 years. However, it can also be extended with good maintenance and care. The life of any mini refrigerator is varying from company to company. So there is always a fluctuation in the lifespan of this product.


Q1: Is there any water leakage mini-fridge?

They build up the frost very quickly so there might be a problem of leakage.

Q2: What is the consumption of energy?

The average consumption of energy is about 80 to 100 watts per day.

Q3: Is there any separate freezer?

There are some mini-fridges that have a separate compartment. The function of these fridges is simple and there is a complicated function. Some fridges are having a separate freezer while some don’t have. It all depends upon the structure to structure and company to company.

Q4: Is it safe to keep the mini-refrigerators on the carpet?

There is no problem with keeping the mini-fridge on the carpet. It will not harm the product at any cost. A user just needs to be aware of the cleanliness and maintenance.

Is it safe to keep the mini-refrigerators on the carpet?

There is no problem with keeping the mini-fridge on the carpet. It will not harm the product at any cost. A user just needs to be aware of the cleanliness and maintenance.

Final words:

So these were the complete guidelines about the mini-refrigerator. If you have a small space but want to fill your refrigerator need, you can choose any one of them. All the products are from the reputed companies which come out clean on qualities and service factors. So choose the right refrigerator as per your need. Enjoy the cool and fresh items anytime. Now enjoying a chill drink in the outer area could be your part of travelling. No need to invest in standard refrigerators because mini-refrigerators can easily full fill your needs. Even if you are a bachelor you can avail the cool stuff. Hope you get the required information’s in this article. We have mentioned all information in detail. Still, if you want to share anything then we welcome the same in the comment box.